A picture paints a thousand words... that saying couldn’t be more true with photos of food! You and I make judgements about food to either be intriguing and appetizing or bland and even doubtful by just looking at photos from brands and establishments. Visuals play a bigger role towards the success of a food business than some people may think. At Plate-to-Pic, we strive hard to make each food photo something you and your customers will want to bite into. 
I’m John Taca. I have been tied to a camera/s since grade school. I love taking photos so much I gave up a corporate career to manage a professional photography studio business in Makati from 2008-2013. Our clients included agencies, magazines, corporate accounts and private clients.  We made headway and soon became a member of a top-tier association for advertising suppliers, A.S.A.P. (Advertising Services Association of the Philippines). That however did not translate to a level of success necessary to sustain the studio and its staff. We just did too many different projects and took on everything from products to people and events. We were certainly busy and relatively good but we weren’t as awesome as we can be in any field. So in 2013, I shifted to other endeavors/ businesses while my photography was kept alive by a blog that documents what’s unique about the country.  
The desire to do something more in the field of photography persisted however, and after a few years I again heeded the call. I started my food photography journey by carefully understanding its nuances. I soaked up specialized lessons, books and every resource I can peruse. By honing specialized skills unique to food photography, I developed varied techniques (using every lighting type and lighting style for food), composition and styling appropriate for different messaging, storytelling, and campaigns just for food and nothing else. 
Today, as the lead food photographer for Plate-to-pic in the Philippines, I’ll be working hand and hand with you to make your food as tempting and mouth-watering as any around. My ever growing food photography practice, training by top US photographers, photo journalism schooling in the US and decades of experience will all go into producing work we both can be proud of. 
In the course of photographing different types of food, we have developed for-photography-only food styling techniques. We use special tools and materials along with boxes and shelving full of dinnerware and tableware to achieve the brief and satisfy what you want to communicate when you advertise your delicious creations. This set of supplementary skills and tools is also a service we offer if clients ask for it.
We are now a gettyimages photo stock contributor.
Thank you!
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